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Bucks Lake is located in Plumas County, 17 miles south-west of Quincy, a small community of Meadow Valley. With a total lake perimeter of 13.5 miles, over 24,000 acres and 87 miles of trails, Bucks Lake offers year-around recreational opportunities. During the summer months, visitor can enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping, and during winter, there are miles and miles of maintained snowmobile trails, sledding hills, and cross-country skiing trails.

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NOVEMBER 2017. No need to explain, Mother Nature has made it clear, fall has arrived. As you are aware the lake has been holding steady for some time now, since around the 28th of August. I was at the lake and started seeing a level change on 13 October 2017. PG&E has also started their rounds of the leased properties marking trees that need to be removed. Some marked trees for removal are assigned to the lease holder and some to PG&E. You should receive a letter if you are responsible for tree removal. Please know your rights and if you think they may have been erroneously assigned, then speak up. There is a good reference document that defines the Utilities responsibilities for powerline safety, “Power Line Fire Prevention Field Guide”.

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We would like to start a column in the newsletter that beings to all of us the history of your finding, exploring and involvement in the Bucks Lake Community. Tell us stories of family, your experiences, and how this lake influenced your life. It will be whatever you want that will help is all understand why Bucks Lake is what it is. If you would like to share your story, please send it to Renee Rusell at buckslakehoa2016@gmail.com