About Bucks Lake

Bucks Lake is located in Plumas County, 17 miles south-west of Quincy, a small community of Meadow Valley. With a total lake perimeter of 13.5 miles, over 24,000 acres and 87 miles of trails, Bucks Lake offers year-around recreational opportunities. During the summer months, visitor can enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking, and camping, and during winter, there are miles and miles of maintained snowmobile trails, sledding hills, and cross-country skiing trails.

Bucks Lake Dam was constructed in 1926. PG&E purchased the dam from Pacific Power in 1929 with the following conditions:

  1. To establish recreation home sites
  2. Ensure public access in and around sites
  3. Prohibit development for over half the shoreline

Today, public access accounts for more than 75% of the lake perimeter, and over half is Wilderness Area. There are 165 camping and day use sites in nine different locations, cabins, resorts, a marina, restaurants, grocery stores, and many other private business that operate year-round.

PG&E initially established 99-year leases, but today lease period is 10 years. Some lease holders are in the 4th Generations, and they committed to investing for the future. Our caretakers remove stumps throughout the lake, establish erosion control, clean the shoreline after public use and support natural habitat.

Our emergency services such as fire department are here on voluntary basis, so please consider making tax-free donations.

Please note that there is no internet and cellphone coverage at Bucks Lake. We hope you enjoy your stay!