Yes, no one is going to stand at the door to turn you away. 🙂 Instead we will ask for your understanding and consideration as to why we feel it is in all of our interests to consider the new option we have now.

That said, part of the question is going to be why change in the first place.

We can offer a few reasons why we believe everyone should try the new system.

  • Cost drives a lot of the consideration behind this as there are two big ones to consider.  The cost of using credit cards which would be in the thousands annually in monthly and per transaction costs and the cost for a bookkeeper would also be as expensive if not more so.
  • Time is not always a luxury many of us can afford and we are finding that very few are very interested if even willing to consider the roles that touch this part of the HOA as there is a rather considerable amount of time and effort involved.  Further some tasks like the paper newsletter and more have modern equivalents that are almost free and instant unlike the current options.
  • If we could ask of members that they spend a few minutes learning something new and thereby save them from these added costs it was decided that this would be the most appropriate.

Unfortunately there is no “perfect” option to most of life’s challenges, so we have done our best to pick the solution that we felt would best reflect the needs and interests of you our members, neighbors and friends.