Please see below for any polls or elections you have not yet voted on.  When you enter your vote it will be removed from here automatically so no one is temped to vote twice 😉


2017/18 Official Voting Ballot

If you do not wish to vote here you may vote at the annual general meeting Saturday, July 08, 2017
8:30 AM Check-in, Fire Station 16891 Bucks Lake Road, Bucks Lake, CA

You must enter your vote here before the start of the meeting to ensure it is properly tabulated.

Continuing Board Members

Neal Baker – Forest Service Haskins Track
Dustin Doyle – PG&E
Mike Hoover – Forest Service Bucks Tract
LaTroy Justeson – Private Land

Expiring Terms up for vote now

Bill Nicholau – President
Eric Ward – Vice President
Andy Everett – PG&E
Kyle Felker- Private Lands
Kathy Hendricks Forest Service Bucks Track

To be eligible to vote by mail, the owner or primary contact must be in good standing, current with their
2017/2018 dues.

Note: If you select a candidate and change your mind, refresh the page and enter the new persons name in the appropriate “other” box below and then click vote.

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