Bucks Lake Homeowners Association

A word from a past President –

I am often asked about the benefits of our HOA and each time I reach back in the HOA history to recount those benefits. But what about going forward – today and tomorrow, why should I join?

For the past 30 plus years, our HOA has worked with the Forest Service to protect our property, protect our rights to the forest lands and provide the needed introductions between the Forest Service and other agencies to solve issues that affect us all. Our HOA has been directly responsible for the lands around the lake remaining in PG&E hands as opposed to the Pacific Land Stewardship Council donating the lands to some third party. Recall, this Stewardship Council was and still is under authority of the Bankruptcy Court to ensure lands are used to further beneficial public values. This HOA guided task and legal challenge (funded by HOA members and local stakeholders) started in 2003 and concluded in 2016 with PG&E retaining the lands. Another HOA endeavor has been to support, with personnel and money, the fight against the Forest Service raising lease costs. The initial lease cost increase literally moved many leases out of the realm of affordability. Today, after several years of engagement the lease costs are better matched to those of other equivalent land leases. Much more needs to be done. Our HOA has also worked very hard to ensure telephone service to most residents. This task has necessitated negotiations between PG&E and AT&T. This effort is still ongoing. These are just a few of the historical efforts led by our HOA.

The cost of membership to our HOA is $50 per year.