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June 2017

How to pay with Wells Fargo


We discovered some differences in how Wells Fargo has to set things up and have provided some pictures below to assist.   Note that after you send funds, as an extra security measure, Wells Fargo will send you a verification code you need to put again in their website as the final confirmation before the [...]

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Why the new website?


We are incredibly lucky to get to be a part of a beautiful area with great friends and neighbors.  Like anything of value though we have to maintain and keep things running smoothly. To do that we have a volunteer board who have stepped forward to help ensure the actual work gets done. This website [...]

Why the new website?2017-06-26T09:37:10-07:00

Is my bank supported?


Below are the main ones supported with links to the to the relevant pages. First click here to see if you bank is listed. Chase Bank of America citi TD Bank US Bank Wells Fargo If you bank is not listed click here Coming soon USAA Click here for more coming soon also    

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Why this payment process?


Few love change, but this one is part of an effort to keep costs low and reduce the burden on those that volunteer and spend countless hours on tasks like this.  Some of the alternatives were to increase dues to cover the cost of a credit card or cost to hire someone to do the [...]

Why this payment process?2017-06-27T02:43:04-07:00

How to pay


Go direct to your banks website or click here to ensure your account is ready to send money.   This will require some security verification steps and if you have questions you may have to check with your bank for details. Once you have setup the service with your bank then add/setup pay@buckslakehoa.com as a recipient [...]

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